Flash Mystery of the Week – 15 Feb. 2017

Paws in the Action

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Mason was tired of playing second fiddle in his latest relationship. Janey slept with Chairman Meow, her yellow tabby, more nights than she invited Mason upstairs. So Mason took matters into his own hand. Foot, really. One night, two drinks over his limit, Mason introduced the 15kitty to his steel-toed boots.

Janey, true to her first love, pressed charges.

Presiding judge? James “Pro Life” Buchanan. A lifelong bachelor, Buchanan never understood abortion laws. His nickname came from awarding more life sentences than any other judge.

catwomanThe packed courtroom sought justice for their feline friend.

Asked why he repeatedly kicked the kitty, Mason purred with inappropriate cat-titude: “Chairman Meow had nine lives. And he attacked me first. Claw-first, by the way.”

Buchanan banged his gavel, his courtroom a cat-astrophe. “Free Mason,” he said, and demonstrated his incompetence. “His act was self-defense.”

# # # The End # # #


Your job, as always with the Flash Mystery of the Week: Determine what today’s story has to do with today’s date: 15. Solution in a day or two, pending my schedule! Meantime, try another mystery if you like.


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