Flash Mystery of the Week … Solution!

The 15 Solution

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Last Wednesday, February 15, we presented the Flash Mystery of the Week. And then – apologies – life got in the way and I couldn’t get the solution posted. Read the flash mystery first if you want to guess the solution before we reveal it in the next paragraph.

The 15 in our story referred to James Buchanan, 15th president of the United States. If youbuchanan read closely, you’ll decipher a couple additional clues the protagonist in our story shared with real James Buchanan.

Our guy, like the prez, was a bachelor. To this day, James Buchanan remains the only bachelor to serve as president. In addition, we named our courtroom character Mason, so Judge Buchanan could announce “Free Mason.” The prez was a noted freemason in real life. Finally, our Buchanan demonstrated his incompetence in the courtroom. Many historians agree that the 15th president was the worst or second-worst to serve.

Check back soon for another edition of the Flash Mystery of the Week to test your detecting skills. And, as always, thanks for stopping by.