John Davis Frain

John writes crime fiction, the content of which is not necessarily based on his formative years. You’ll be thanked not to ask Detective Finley, SLPD, for his opinion.

This is Rocky meets The Girl on the Train kind of stuff. Which is to say, John knows he’s an underdog just as Rocky Balboa did. And also, like the protagonist from Paula Hawkins’ best seller, John makes a lot of decisions in life where people go, “What the fuck?”

He is the author of two 2015 first-place flash fiction stories. Stalking Amy hit #1 in August 2015 and Cereal Killer hit #1 just days after its launch in December 2015. Like all good fiction, it took him much longer to write it than it will for you to read it. Why not click over and prove the point? If you want to settle in for more than 100 words, pop open a cold one and enjoy Open House, first published in Detective Mystery Stories. John’s legal team (read: his wife with no law degree and a dog who is scared of cats) is working to earn back rights to this, his second published short story.