Flash Mystery of the Week – March 14

The Interview Reading time: 1 1/2 minutes The receptionist squeezed the last bite of pepperoni pizza between her lips. She looked up when the office door swooshed open. Recognized him instantly. “Chuckles!” She covered her mouth with her hand. “Come in.” The man looked down at his chest. “Am I wearing a name tag? How […]

Mystery of the Week … Solution

The 11 Solution Reading time: 1 minute Saturday’s Mystery of the Week, starring Neil, Buzz and Michael was all about Apollo 11. Michael Collins is often the forgotten astronaut aboard Apollo 11. He didn’t walk on the moon, instead dropping off his two pals like they were heading to soccer practice and then picking them […]

Flash Mystery of the Week – March 11

The Final Frontier Reading time: 1 minute Neil put his pen down. Shook his hand. “Writer’s cramp.” Michael and Buzz nodded agreement. They stared at the hundreds of photos, still plenty awaiting their autograph. They couldn’t autograph a life insurance policy, so they autographed these photos instead. And like a life insurance policy, they hoped […]

Mystery of the Week … Solution

The 2 Solution … and an apology! Reading time: 90 seconds The bewitching hour passed. A deadline stared at me. Against odds, I switched gears and penned the Flash Mystery of the Week. (Read it here if you want to play before reading the solution below.) I’d set my mind to putting one out weekly, and […]

Flash Mystery of the Week – 2 March 2017

Pursuit of Dreams Reading time — 1 minute Jefferson Motors sold dreams. Joann stood outside the showroom, unconsciously licking her bottom lip as she stared at the 38-foot dream on wheels. If you want something you never had, she once read, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. “A real beauty.” Joann […]