Flash Mystery of the Week – March 14

The Interview

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14The receptionist squeezed the last bite of pepperoni pizza between her lips. She looked up when the office door swooshed open. Recognized him instantly.

“Chuckles!” She covered her mouth with her hand. “Come in.”

The man looked down at his chest. “Am I wearing a name tag? How did you know?”

She tapped her nose. Then, thinking it might be politically incorrect, lowered her hand. “Just a guess. You’re the only appointment at noon.”

Chuckles smiled without using a muscle.

The receptionist waved him into the next room where Mr. Marshall stood behind his desk. “Hey, I like the gig with the pie on your head.”

“Thanks. It’s a family tradition. We always wear it today.”

“Right. Because today is -”

“Monday.” Chuckles beamed.

“Oh.” Marshall, taken aback. “But it’s Tuesday. It falls on a Tuesday this, um, year.”

“Boy, I must look like a fool.”

“Wellllll, last one a you clowns squirted me with his custard-filled rose, so -”

In one swift move, Chuckles pulled the pie off his head and hurled it into Mr. Marshall’s face. SPLAT!

“Banana cream? You’re hired!”


Your mission: As always, enjoy the story and determine what today’s tale has to do with today’s date. We’ll return with the solution on Thursday. If you can’t wait for next week’s mystery, catch up on a previous Mystery of the Week.






7 thoughts on “Flash Mystery of the Week – March 14

  1. Funny and I feel like I should know the significance of 14 here. But due to my intense fear of clowns (thanks a lot for that, Stephen King) and the intense sleep deprivation that comes with being a writer with a dread day job, I just can’t seem to puzzle this out. Still, enjoyable as usual.

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  2. Chuckles the Clown’s birthday? The almost Ides of March? The ‘Oh crap, this is March fourteenth, not February! I forgot Valentines Day! My (wife/girlfriend/mistress) is gonna kill me’ blues?

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    1. All noble guesses. Alas, none that the judges will allow. I had an Ides of March story in the queue, but it became a Shakesperean tragedy and will never see the light of this blog.


  3. I am so stumped, I’ve lost a foot in height since reading this. I’ve looked up March 14th – it is Pi day, btw, and potato chip day, and learn more about butterflies day – in case ya wanted to know.

    Still. What has any of that to do with 14? No idea. Dang it.

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  4. It’s Pie Day, because mathematical pi is 3.14–March 14th (at least by US calendar reckoning; I’m not sure what 14.3 is in the UK). Is that it? Or is there something specific about the number 14, not just the day?

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