Ethylene Glycol

Drink for Justice Reading time: 1 minute Way I figure it, Frain made his choice three years ago. People collect things. Frain collected license plates. From the cars we stole. One morning, this is three winters ago, it’s five degrees outside. We’re coming home from 7-11 on account of Frain’s needing to address his Mountain […]


Murder Through the Molar Reading time: 1 minute The office is closed. I don’t work Sundays, but I have one patient. A Mr. Frain. He’s behind in his payments for a root canal. Also, he caught me fondling a patient. Him, when the local wore off early. He threatened to expose me like an x-ray. […]

Flash Mystery of the Week – March 14

The Interview Reading time: 1 1/2 minutes The receptionist squeezed the last bite of pepperoni pizza between her lips. She looked up when the office door swooshed open. Recognized him instantly. “Chuckles!” She covered her mouth with her hand. “Come in.” The man looked down at his chest. “Am I wearing a name tag? How […]