Book Review: Gutshot Straight by Lou Berney

Reading time: 1  minute Elmore Leonard fans who miss his work might be happy to turn the pages of Lou Berney’s debut crime caper, Gutshot Straight. I write from experience, of course. I’d enjoy a seven-course meal of Elmore Leonard novels with a short story (3:10 to Yuma anyone?) for dessert. Berney took advantage of the […]

I’m Still Standing

Success for National Novel Writing Month (NANO) November hurled plenty my way to try and stop me from hitting the goal of writing 50,000 words during the month. From the bad – my daughter spending four days in the hospital, to the good – thirty-two people showing up for Thanksgiving at our house. My daughter […]

Keep an Eye Out for My Return 12.1.16

Looking for something? Here’s help! Since it’s November, I am… A. Checking out like a library book. B. Going dark like a shuttered theater C. Lost somewhere like my protagonist in Act II D. Searching for a new metaphor None of the above! Trick question. November is National Novel Writing Month, and I’m playing. The goal […]