Flash Mystery of the Week … Solution!

The 7 Solution

On Tuesday, February 7, we presented the Flash Fiction Mystery of the Week. Read it first if you want to play along before we reveal the solution in the next paragraph.

Among other clues (six other clues, to be exact!), the story included the line, “Doc and I chatted as he fixed my finger. “The Dragon’s Breath will make you sneezy for a couple hours.” Snow danced in, happy as an innocent.”

So, if you guessed Snow White and the SEVEN Dwarfs, you solved the mystery. While we’re on the subject of seven dwarfs, let’s solve a few more mysteries. dwarfs

  • Sleepy was voiced by a guy named Pinto Colvig, who also voiced Goofy.
  • Rejected dwarf names included Scrappy (Scooby doo picked him up on waivers), Awful, Blabby, Flabby, Gabby, Gloomy, Hoppy, Weepy, Snoopy, Dizzy and Biggy-Wiggy (later reprised by Richard Adams in Watership Down).
  • In a believe-in-your-dreams moment, Walt Disney took out several personal loans and even mortgaged his house to finance the movie. Friends referred to it as Disney’s Folly. That is, of course, until he raked in a mint and bought 51 acres in Burbank to build some studios with the profit.
  • Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny) was originally cast to voice Dopey, until animators decided to make Dopey mute.
  • Snow White was the highest-grossing movie in history … until it was surpassed a year later by some film called Gone With the Wind.
  • Dwarfs is NOT a misspelling. According to my research, that was the accepted spelling for the plural of dwarf in 1937. It wasn’t until JRR Tolkien wrote The Hobbit that dwarves became the more common spelling.

Be sure to check back next week for our upcoming installment of Flash Mystery of the Week. Thanks for dropping by.