Top 5 Tuesday: Christmas Elves

Elves are just funny, by nature. So, naturally, some screw it up.   Reading time: 1 minute —   Marcus from Bad Santa – Yes, the feel-good family flick for the youngest kids in the family features a sullen, drunk and disorderly Billie Bob Thornton as Santa along with his sidekick Marcus (Tony Cox) who […]

Top 9 Tuesday: Baseball Walk-up Songs

Classic walk-up songs for the October Classic Reading time: 2 minutes — Quick history for those who are unaware of so-called walk-up songs. Although TV ratings won’t support this statement, baseball is America’s pastime. Part of the game today includes walk-up songs for batters and pitchers. Used to be the organist would play some music […]

Top 9 Tuesday

My Favorite Mondegreens Reading time – 2 minutes        Everybody know what mondegreens are? Good, let’s proceed. Also, this would be a great character trait for one of the folks in your next story. Leads to wonderful dialogue, both in real life and fiction. As if anyone around here cares about real life! To make this […]

Top 9 Tuesday: Going Topless

Reading time: 4 minutes — New blog thing. The Tuesday Top 9, because 10 is too many. Also, Letterman already claimed the Top 10. Today’s topic: Going Topless: Lessons Learned From Driving a Convertible. Oh sorry, was that headline misleading? You were expecting something more titillating? Sorry, totes didn’t mean that. 9. Strap down important […]