Top 9 Tuesday: Baseball Walk-up Songs

Classic walk-up songs for the October Classic

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Quick history for those who are unaware of so-called walk-up songs. Although TV ratings won’t support this statement, baseball is America’s pastime. Part of the game today includes walk-up songs for batters and pitchers. Used to be the organist would play some music during the fifteen seconds it takes to get from the on-deck circle to the batter’s box. Same M.O. for the thirty seconds it takes a relief pitcher to get from the bullpen to the pitcher’s mound.

Then in 1989, a movie named Major League has a relief pitcher enter the game to the tunehome-plate of “Wild Thing” and the stadium went crazy. Okay, okay, a couple enterprising players had their own walk-up song before the ’89 movie, but that’s a better story so I’m going with it.

Today, everybody has their own personal walk-up song for every trip they make to the plate. Pitchers likewise, for their corresponding trip to the mound. So as the Fall Classic nears, we name our 9 Class Walk-up songs. What would you pick for your next at bat? Tell me in the Comments, let’s see if we can get an entire lineup.

9. Iron Man – Black Sabbath: Because, Black Sabbath. Also, Iron Man.

8. The Best is Yet to Come – Frank Sinatra: Most of baseball’s fans are old white guys.

7. Just Getting’ Started – Jason Aldean: Jason Aldean gets it started. You’re get it finished.

6. Centerfield – John Fogerty: Put me in, Coach. I’m ready to play. Today.

5. Already Home – Jay Z: Pretty clear-cut message with this one.

4. Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood & the Delaware Destroyers: For this one, you rub a little extra pine tar on the bat and saunter … slowly … up to the plate.

3. Wanna Be Starting Something – Michael Jackson: This list isn’t about the music; it’s about the message. ‘Nuff said.

2. Livin’ on a Prayer – Bon Jovi: Hmm. Are you telling your opponent he’s living on a prayer or is this a hopeful anthem?

1. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen: Exactly what you’re gonna start doing soon as the pitcher tries to throw that speedball by ya.

Tip of the cap to my favorite walk-up song: I gotta give it to Prince Fielder, who never princeplayed for my hometown, but he was still one cool dude. At first, he used Requiem by Mozart for his walk up. But I guess he felt like it didn’t produce the hoped-for result from the fans. So later in his career, he switched and used an air raid siren. Now that’s classic. And attention grabbing.

Choose your walk-up song and hit it in the comments. Otherwise, I’m striking you out!

8 thoughts on “Top 9 Tuesday: Baseball Walk-up Songs

  1. Hmmm. Well you took the one that immediately came to mind, John Fogerty’s Centerfield.

    Sooo, now I have to resort to choice #2. Which actually after a listen, I think might be my favorite…so moving it now to my #1!

    Have a listen, think you’ll like it – it’s a smooth as it gets! “Willie, Mickey, and The Duke,” (Talkin’ Baseball)

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    1. Oy! Terry Cashman. Say Hey! Thanks for letting me spend three minutes with my Dad again. That was a treat. I think if that was my walk-up song I’d be so mesmerized I’d watch three strikes sail by without taking the bat off my shoulders.

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  2. I grew up playing loads and loads of ball, so i hold all baseball songs very dear to my heart. Centerfield is a great one of course. John Fogerty is classic. Bob Dylan did a really good baseball song too called “catfish”. Recently I did discover a good one about Mickey mantle by a fellow tom Russell , called “the kid from spavinaw”. Very sad. Also an artist named Dan bern dedicated a whole album to baseball songs! I have always felt it was sad there weren’t more songs about the sport. In my generation it has sadly experienced a drop. I don’t watch often myself these days — though I have watched Mike Trout a time or 2 though since he is supposedly the new Mick.

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    1. Mike Trout is the entire package. And the guy batting behind him, Albert Pujols, was incredible to watch for about 10 years. He hit the ball scary hard. I’ll have to check out the Dylan tune, thanks for that — my WIP features a protagonist named Catfish, so hopefully = inspiration!


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