More Driving Lessons & Life Lessons

Your Gamblin’ Days are Over Reading time: 2 minutes – Sorry I’ve been absent, life got in the way. Which is better than death getting in the way, now that I think about it, so I’m not sorry. Gabe and I are back on the road again. Today’s road lesson: Thou shalt not gamble. He wants […]

Driving Lessons: Surviving (Barely) Day 3

Gabe Plays Chicken – and Survives — Reading time: 3 minutes:  It’s called the hippocampus, the part of your brain responsible for memory, particularly the transference of short-term to long-term memory. Mine is defective enough that I have selective recall. I only remember good things. So in a couple days, when Gabe says to me, […]

Driving Lessons & Life Lessons

On the Road with Gabe – Day Two — Reading time: 3 minutes It doesn’t take me long to forget that Gabe is on Day Two of driving. After less than a mile, I pull my phone out and start checking scores. I’m always curious to see if Albert Pujols is breaking out of his […]

License to Thrill

Driving Lessons & Life Lessons — Reading time: 2 1/2 minutes – My son took the driver’s test (twice I learned later, overhearing his conversation with his aunt) and got his permit on Friday. If anyone within a five-mile radius reads this, you’ve been warned. The first thing to know is this: I’m his instructor. The […]

He Lost His Way and Found Himself

Reading time: 2 minutes — Few people are as adept at getting lost as I am. Unfortunately, one of those few people is my wife, so together we make cartographers cry. I’ve detailed here before how often I drive right past my exit on the highway. Or miss a turn at an intersection. After cruising […]

I Choose Rejection

Reading time: 3 minutes — Life is filled with choices. Paper or plastic? Baked potato or French fries? Minivan or SUV? Simple choices. Small short-term effect on your happiness and quality of life, right? So let’s go to the big one. Rejection or regret?

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Reading time: 4 1/2 minutes My mom turns 49 again today. Good thing I studied English more than math so I believe her. Like I do every year. I’ll try to ask her age when I take her to lunch, but I know that question will stay behind my lips. I also know that after […]

The Miracle of Sportsmanship

Reading & viewing time: 4 minutes I referee high school basketball. Absolutely love it. The sportsmanship. The national anthem. The constant challenge. Camaraderie with fellow officials. Tossing the ball for the opening tip. It’s a great game, and I constantly find things to inform my writing. And sometimes, magic happens. Special nights, against all odds, both […]