He Lost His Way and Found Himself

Reading time: 2 minutes — Few people are as adept at getting lost as I am. Unfortunately, one of those few people is my wife, so together we make cartographers cry. I’ve detailed here before how often I drive right past my exit on the highway. Or miss a turn at an intersection. After cruising […]

A Working Vacation? Say It Ain’t So!

Reading time: 1 minute — So, I’m vacationing with the family in the Blue Ridge Mountains. No Internet connection. No phone service. No wifi. What’s not to love, right? I had no intention of writing anything for the website. Until my wife said: we’re staying in a blog cabin, you’re gonna love it. A blog […]

I Choose Rejection

Reading time: 3 minutes — Life is filled with choices. Paper or plastic? Baked potato or French fries? Minivan or SUV? Simple choices. Small short-term effect on your happiness and quality of life, right? So let’s go to the big one. Rejection or regret?

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Reading time: 4 1/2 minutes My mom turns 49 again today. Good thing I studied English more than math so I believe her. Like I do every year. I’ll try to ask her age when I take her to lunch, but I know that question will stay behind my lips. I also know that after […]