A Working Vacation? Say It Ain’t So!

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So, I’m vacationing with the family in the Blue Ridge Mountains. No Internet connection. No phone service. No wifi. What’s not to love, right? I had no intention of writing anything for the website. Until my wife said: we’re staying in a blog cabin, you’re gonna love it.IMG_1404

A blog cabin! Imagine how clever my website would be if I lived here.

Day 1. We arrived at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the heart of a violent squall that showed no mercy. Rocking the rental and bouncing branches across the road. Wind howling down the mountainside. Rain slashing parallel to the earth. But we were determined – this was vacation or bust!

Narrowly escaping Mother Nature’s wrath, we careened into a driveway at the edge of the cliff. We still had fifty feet of space separating us from the protection of a roofline. And what stood in our way? Were Grizzly bears truly native to this area? Only one way to find out! I took Calvin at my side. Busted out of the driver’s door. Growled at the top of my lungs and —

Wait a minute, my wife is telling me something… oh, this isn’t good… turns out we’re not in a blog cabin. It’s a log cabin. Sorry, I’m going back to vacation. Next time I’m going to see if we can find a novel cabin. Then I’ll knock on the door of Agent cabin…

This just in: Every vacation has its own fall-off-the-chair moment, right? Mine came Monday night when my youngest son, Murphy, uttered: “It’s kinda cool that your phone doesn’t work up here.” He’ll deny speaking such craziness, but he said it. I would’ve called 9-1-1, but … the phone.)



5 thoughts on “A Working Vacation? Say It Ain’t So!

    1. Great, great time. Judging by the soreness in my legs, we hiked plenty. But it is so odd (read: fantastic!) to be without a phone or Internet connection for so long. Had to come down from the mountain into nearby town of Brevard, NC if you want to check mail or use your cell phone. I don’t think I saw the Tuckasegee River, so… time to pull the map out again.


      1. It had to be refreshing! We love Brevard. The spot we go to most is a little area called Pineola. My husband fly fishes along the Linville River, and so he goes several times a year. (I go when it’s warm enough to sit outside. Me and cold? Meh.)


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