A Working Vacation? Say It Ain’t So!

Reading time: 1 minute — So, I’m vacationing with the family in the Blue Ridge Mountains. No Internet connection. No phone service. No wifi. What’s not to love, right? I had no intention of writing anything for the website. Until my wife said: we’re staying in a blog cabin, you’re gonna love it. A blog […]

Quick Quiz for Prez Day

It’s a matching game because the lucky among us are off today. (I’m not, I’m talking about y’all.) First, I give you the numbers and then a list of what they’re attached to. At the bottom, I’ll supply the answers. [Source: The White House.]

What I’m Not Saying…

Reading time: 1 minute A financial journalist I follow said this upon the writing of his 3,000th column: “I’ve learned that journalists’ need to write far exceed the number of things that need to be written.” Me: There’s nothing important to write about today. Boss (also Me): Then don’t write anything. ’Nuff said. Also, it’s […]