What I’m Not Saying…

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A financial journalist I follow said this upon the writing of his 3,000th column: “I’ve learned that journalists’ need to write far exceed the number of things that need to be written.”

Me: There’s nothing important to write about today.

Boss (also Me): Then don’t write anything.

’Nuff said.

Also, it’s Sunday. Take it easy.


4 thoughts on “What I’m Not Saying…

  1. Strange. Just got off the phone with my Mom and she asked, “Do you ever take a day off and not write?” I said, “Well, yeah, sort of. I mean I’ll only write a little – like yesterday. But…no not really.”

    I do think we need to give ourselves that break now and then. Today might be it. It’s beautiful outside!


  2. I think you can give yourself a break from the hard part of writing, but still work on your craft. Get outside, observe, drop in on a conversation, throw a few adverbs in the trash. Amazing what comes into your mind when you leave it open.(Scary sometimes too, but we won’t go there.)


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