Writer’s Workshop of Chicago – A Review

— Reading time: 7 minutes      Longer than usual, but I wanted to give a thorough review in case you’re debating on attending one of these workshops. Last weekend, I boarded the train to attend the Writer’s Workshop of Chicago. Actually, I waited three hours and thirty minutes at the Amtrak station and then boarded the train. […]

Flash Fiction

English Assignment Did Hemingway start it? Who cares? It’s my favorite English assignment. Saves time. Easy grading. I pretend it’s legitimate. Begin with the lazy student, calls himself a philosopher. For sale. Baby mittens. Never worn. F for borderline plagiarism. See what the shy kid wants to say. Patty. Never fit. New choice. Patrick! Explains […]

Six-word stories

— Reading time: 2 minutes I’ll be brief. But twice as long as that. I’ve been absent as I finished a massive edit to my work in progress. Now, I begin my search for a couple beta readers. Meantime, back to the present. I mentioned more than a few times that my theme for the A […]

A to Z Awards Show

Because everyone loves statistics (when someone else compiles them), we present the final tally to wrap up the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge on this blog: Most Viewed Letter Award: S for Shoplifter A record-setter for my blog (begun in February, so not much data yet), this post had 81 views the day it […]