What I’m Not Saying…

Reading time: 1 minute A financial journalist I follow said this upon the writing of his 3,000th column: “I’ve learned that journalists’ need to write far exceed the number of things that need to be written.” Me: There’s nothing important to write about today. Boss (also Me): Then don’t write anything. ’Nuff said. Also, it’s […]

What’s in a Name?

Reading time: < 2 mins. We were musing about names the other day (“Why I Rob Banks,” 1-25-16), which got me thinking about character names and I made an interesting discovery. Some people are giving credit in the wrong place and I’m here to reclaim what is potentially my legacy. I wrote a Christmas story […]

Why I Rob Banks

Reading time: < 3 minutes I knew a guy named Willie Sutton in college. (He wisely went by Will.) I guess there are tougher names parents can saddle you with, but the list is short. Probably not many folks with the surname Hitler, and it is beyond my imagination they’d name a son Adolph. Any […]

Why I Turned Off My Car Radio

Reading time: <2 mins. Sharp observation skills, like every muscle in your body, atrophy without use. Conversely, you build and sharpen your observation skills through daily practice. So whether your commute involves Sirius radio, a pair of Beats or your favorite FM station, you’re squandering a killer opportunity to observe when the music steals your […]

This Really Happened…

After watching a motorist sit at a stop sign for 15 seconds, make a right turn from a left turn lane and then bounce over the median, an officer pulled him over for a chat. He asked the driver where he was coming from. The answer: “I’m going that way.” Wait, it gets better.

My First Post

From children to electronics, I’ve always fashioned myself an early adopter. Heck, I wore black when it was the new black. So when people told me I should already have a website and blog, I knew I should be embarrassed that I didn’t have one. Except, as my wife and kids will tell you, I […]