This Really Happened…

After watching a motorist sit at a stop sign for 15 seconds, make a right turn from a left turn lane and then bounce over the median, an officer pulled him over for a chat. He asked the driver where he was coming from. The answer: “I’m going that way.”

Wait, it gets better.

After going back and forth trying to discern where the driver was coming from, the officer asked him if he was aware he’d vomited on himself. According to the officer’s report, “he acted like he did not know and looked at the vomit on his pants and between the door and seat.”

Wait, it gets even better.

All this fun had to end, so the officer asked for the man’s driver’s license. Take a guess what the driver offered. I’ll stall here for a second, which makes it more realistic anyway because our driver took a little while to find his so-called license. Ready? If you came up with the clever practice of handing over a Ruby Tuesday’s coupon, you’re a winner.

One breath test later (0.219 – whoa!) and our driver will be appearing in court on DUI charges. No word on whether Ruby Tuesday’s is within walking distance of his home.

Source: Fort Walton Beach (FL) Daily News