Practical Lessons from Editing

Part 2 of an editing series Editing my manuscript has been a long process, mostly because I keep teaching myself things as I go along. Herewith, a cheap way for you to learn from my expensive lessons. 1. Specificity Outperforms Vagueness Specific words trigger your mind while vague words don’t. Want evidence? It’s all around […]

Natural Talent is a Myth

Part 1 of my editing series If experience leads to expertise, I should be rolling into Expert at the next exit. With all the time I’ve spent editing my (formerly) 90,000-word manuscript, I am now a maestro using my red pen as a baton. I’ve learned a lot, and I want to pass it on […]

I’m Still Standing

Success for National Novel Writing Month (NANO) November hurled plenty my way to try and stop me from hitting the goal of writing 50,000 words during the month. From the bad – my daughter spending four days in the hospital, to the good – thirty-two people showing up for Thanksgiving at our house. My daughter […]