Gateway Con

Are You Coming to St. Louis?

This weekend is Gateway Con, a reader’s and writer’s convention, coming to St. Louis June 16-18. Lemme know if you’re coming to town. Or, if you’re already in town and coming to the convention.

If you kept up with my April A to Z Challenge, it might interest you to know that I’ve been reborn yet again. I’ve been asked to join a panel at 11 a.m. Saturday morning during the presentation of “I Love A Mystery.”

While a couple authors from Sisters in Crime present how to make your book the best it can be, I’m going to add a little … shall we say, flavor … to the proceedings. Someone in the audience calls out a letter, and I read my entry that leads to my murder. We won’t have enough time for me to become deceased twenty-six times (yay!), but I’m sure I’ll get done in a half-dozen or so.

One winner will get to leave with a copy of all twenty-six. Plus, an A to Z of mystery writing tips. It should all be great fun, so if you’re in the area or in the audience, be sure and stop by to say hello. I’ll be the guy recovering from multiple painful murders.

Here’s the book that I’ll be reading from and we’ll give away to a raffle winner:

26 Ways

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  1. No, but I wish I was – if only to meet f2f, but to also hear you read out loud all those wonderful ways to die. Definitely worth a repeat – at least I think Mrs. Frain would think so. 🙂


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