Murder in Size 6 Frain lay on the ground in a pool of his own blood. A six-inch heel, showing only five-and-a-half inches, jutted out from his right eye. One witness to the murder. “I only heard it,” the woman said. “Never saw anything.” Detective Crowley said, “What did you hear?” “Mrs. Frain’s threat. I […]

Top 9 Tuesday: Springsteen songs

The Boss releases his autobiography; I release my favorites Reading time: 2 1/2 minutes —   With the release of Born To Run, Springsteen’s memoir, it’s fitting that we come out with my top 9 songs from the Boss. I haven’t read the autobiography yet, but I adore the fact that he spent seven years […]

Quick Quiz for Prez Day

It’s a matching game because the lucky among us are off today. (I’m not, I’m talking about y’all.) First, I give you the numbers and then a list of what they’re attached to. At the bottom, I’ll supply the answers. [Source: The White House.]

My First Post

From children to electronics, I’ve always fashioned myself an early adopter. Heck, I wore black when it was the new black. So when people told me I should already have a website and blog, I knew I should be embarrassed that I didn’t have one. Except, as my wife and kids will tell you, I […]