2017 Starts With A Bang – A Flash Bang!

For You: A Ground Floor Opportunity!

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Who’s your favorite author? Grisham or Grafton? Lehane, Le Carre, Lansdale or Leonard? Even if your favorite author isn’t a “G” or an “L”, I have the same question for you: Did you read the very first piece of fiction they were paid to write?

Probably not.

Well, I’m offering you that opportunity today. No guarantee I’ll become Elmore Leonard or John Le Carre, but I will guarantee you the chance to read the first piece of fiction I’ve ever been paid to write.

I’ve authored two published short stories. However, nflash-bang-mysterieseither landed in a paying market. So this is the first time I’ve been paid to write fiction. It won’t cover the mortgage groceries Mountain Dew budget this month, but it’s a step in my favorite direction.

Wanna read it? I’d be honored. The Guest Room is free to you in the current issue of Flash Bang Mysteries. The best thing you could do is leave a comment. Doesn’t have to be positive – any feedback is welcome. And any feedback, positive or negative, helps on the journey.

In a few years, when you hear about a debut author named John Davis Frain, you’ll brag to the lady in line in front of you at Barnes & Noble, “I read that guy’s first piece. Want me to sign the dust jacket?” At which time you’ll put your pen back in your pocket before she calls security.

It’s okay to make retroactive New Year’s resolutions, right? In that case, I hereby resolve to get published in 2017. Next!

Have a great week. Enjoy the story, and thanks for stopping by.

12 thoughts on “2017 Starts With A Bang – A Flash Bang!

  1. I loved the story. Great job, John. Someday you will make enough that you can pay for drinks for the entire Reef. And boy, most of us swimming about the Reef could use a drink. Can’t wait to say I knew you when…

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    1. Haha! I’d welcome that day with open arms, Elise. Come thirsty, my friend! And thank you for the story. Interesting side note, speaking of the reef. This story started as a flash entry one of Janet’s Fridays and I added 650 words. or about 80% more story.


      1. That’s amazing. I am submitting a couple of short stories that started as flash for Janet’s contests. I am having trouble finding paying markets – slim pickings for the short story. I just started on submission grinder but boy, some of these places take ages to respond.

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  2. I’ve had a submission in with Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine since March. Soon, I’ll have to say since March 2016. This is NOT an industry for the impatient. Good luck placing your stories, paying market or not. I believe paying markets for short fiction will continue to grow. As people have less time, the demand for short fiction will increase.

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      1. Ha! Yer a hoot – have I said that before? You can do whatever your little heart desires – but I’m not sure my endorsement is worth a roll of toilet paper. Give me a few years. 😉

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