Flash Mystery of the Week – 7 Feb, 2017

O, Cult

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My knees ached from squatting behind the Monkey’s Tail. Stakeouts made me sleepy, and there’s no Starbucks in the jungle. The laughter of a faraway hyena and the stuttering of a nearby macaw stole my attention.

“Can I help you?”

Startled me. I fell.

“You’re a dopey one,” the short guy said.

“Name’s Prince. Looking for a girl called Snow.” That was all true. I omitted the part about her parents paying a grotesque sum to rescue her from this jungle cult.

“Don’t get grumpy,” guy said. “She’s here. Come, join us.”

“Nice try, but I’ll pass.” I aimed my Glock. “Let’s walk.”

jungle“Aren’t you the bashful one.” He raised a straw to his mouth and blew out a tiny dart. Penetrated my finger. Numbed it. Couldn’t hold my handgun.

“How the-”

“Let’s find Doc for your finger. And we’ll find Snow, see if she wants to leave. Nobody’s keeping her.”

Doc and I chatted as he fixed my finger. “The Dragon’s Breath will make you sneezy for a couple hours.” Snow danced in, happy as an innocent.

Next morning, I sent my final text to her parents. “Turns out your daughter rescued me. I’m staying.”

The End

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to figure out how the story is related to today’s date (7). Answer in tomorrow’s post.





12 thoughts on “Flash Mystery of the Week – 7 Feb, 2017

      1. When I saw the number was seven, I thought, ooooo, he’s gonna do the seven deadly sins. Then I started reading… and knew that was NOT the idea.

        But yes, maybe too easy this week – for us – but, not so easy when you’re the one having to come up with something!

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    1. I’m glad you noticed that, Gary, thanks! I actually had doc without using his name, but it added a ghastly 30 words which is criminal in flash fiction. I was unable to work it in better than that. Given time … which none of us have enough of.


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