Mystery of the Week … Solution

The 2 Solution … and an apology!

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The bewitching hour passed. A deadline stared at me. Against odds, I switched gears and penned the Flash Mystery of the Week. (Read it here if you want to play before reading the solution below.) I’d set my mind to putting one out weekly, and I needed to stick with the plan.

Did I mention I was busy? And it was after midnight, when according to lore nothing good happens?

Yes, both of those things. When I began Thursday’s Flash Mystery of the Week story that centered around Thomas Jefferson, I thought I was being clever because he was the THIRD president. It was the SECOND day of the month. Oh, such a red herring. Glee filled me to overflowing.

The story centered around a $2 bill, which would ultimately be the solution, and Thomas Jefferson appears on the bill. But a funny thing happened on the way to the ending. I made my Tom Jefferson own an RV dealership for the simple reason that it sounded like a good product for the name Monticello, which would become a Jefferson clue.

Then, (c’mon writers, agree with me here) I started doing research on the RV world. Got sucked in completely. I didn’t know a Class C from a fifth wheel until 1:45 a.m. I also still had my work deadline. And I was committed to getting a Mystery of the Week on the blog. When I finally quit researching the RV world, I got back to my story and completely forgot that I had to reach the destination that housed a two-dollar bill.

Tom Jefferson stayed, but I deleted his wager inside the dealership when he sees the red-haired lady saunter on to the lot. (At the end of the original story, he gets a $2 bill and smirks at the picture on it.) So I lost the crux of the story that played up the bill, but kept Thomas Jefferson and a couple of his clues (Monticello and the Declaration of Independence).

If you guessed Thomas Jefferson, you nailed it. If you managed to guess TJ because of the two-dollar bill, you’re amazing. Several people got Mr. Jefferson, including one individual2-dollar-bill who I saw in person and berated me for my mistake. We were laughing after they “berated” me, and I told them I officiate basketball, so if they truly want to berate me they better yell louder and call me some less-friendly names.

Bottom line, give yourself credit for Thomas Jefferson and give me a pass for the week. I’ll come back next week with a whole new episode. And I’ll try to write it before midnight. (Ha! Right.) Thanks for hanging with me!

8 thoughts on “Mystery of the Week … Solution

  1. HA! Well, I guessed TJ, but had no clue (see how I did that?). I mean, I had no clue as to how it related to the # 2 except what I said. VP to #2 prez – yet, I was thinking there’s gotta be more to it or we get to harangue Mr. Frain for being too easy again! I think that all rhymed. Somehow.

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    1. Haha! You’re spot on, you had no clue. Because of me! I deleted the scene. Damn these flash stories with their minimalist word count. And now I gotta slice ten words out of a new one for the flash contest over at the reef today. Ugh!


  2. You’re closer on your FF entry for that than me. I have no ending. I have 98 words and no ending. Matter of fact, I don’t think I have a story. UGH.


      1. *snort* Gee. Thanks.

        I somehow floundered in and out of it. Phew. These babies are getting harder and harder thx to all the those doggone AWESOME writers over there.

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  3. All good things happen after midnight, if you ask me. But I’m a vampire. 😉

    I saw on Thursday what you wrote/asked about editors:

    1B) Janet once mentioned Kristen Weber. She referred to her as a good editor. Kristen was on maternity leave then. She is not anymore.

    Of course I don’t know if you really need a freelance editor. Either way, you are brilliant and I believe in you! 🙂

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    1. Oh, Lilac, I’m so grateful to you for mentioning Kristen Weber. I’ve never heard of her, but if she comes with Janet’s endorsement, that’s a heckuva great start. I’m going to write her name down and check her out. Thanks so much for bringing her to my attention. And thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great week!

      You’re so kind, by the way. Keep that, it looks great on you.

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  4. Thank you so much for your kind and lovely words, John! 🙂 I write light sci-fi, so I know it’s not easy to find an editor. Here is the link to Janet’s blog post (in which she mentions Kristen):

    Also, Lou Berney (The Long and Faraway Gone –thanks again, Janet! <3) said in an interview – and I am paraphrasing here — that his crime fiction community was very helpful.

    Such a community can be a great resource for writers, whether you are looking for an editor or an advice. Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the specific community he belongs to. But I bet you can ask him directly. He seems like a very nice guy, and an inspiring writer to be in touch with:

    Have a great week. I really enjoyed visiting you. Friendships are wonderful!


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