Halloween Flash Fiction – Day V


(Editor’s note: Okay, inspired by the zombie costume, but this really isn’t about a zombie.)

I’d been dead a month when I met Corinne, my intake interviewer. She had ligature marks too, so natural curiosity.noose

Hers were from someone’s hands, so I lied about my rope of guilt.

“They never fade away,” she warned. No rage in her voice. Presented my assignment.

“You need my signature?” I asked.

She pulled her collar. Showed her bruises. “I already have it. Welcome to purgatory.”

I hadn’t recognized her. She hadn’t aged in thirty-seven years.

A gate creaked open. Peter speaking. “Sorry, sir. A snag in your paperwork. Corinne was too forgiving. I’m afraid you’ve been demoted, as it were.”

Some sins you keep paying for.


Catch up on all the Halloween flash fiction before it goes away! (That’s what we say is a call to action. But really … where’s it gonna go?) Read some anyway, you might enjoy it.

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    1. One of my 10 here came from the Queen’s contest, albeit with some changes. She deemed it something along the lines of “Not a story, but it cracked me up” or some such. And since I still have a few more to write, we’ll see if I have to dip in any more!

      Thanks for slummin’ down here with the great unwashed, unpublished writers. Now go on back up to the suite level!

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