Halloween Flash Fiction – Day IV


Tears of a clown. Nothing more satisfying. Just like you, I’ve seen my share of scary clowns this year. See ’em in my sleep.clown

Got my eyes on Orange Hair over there. Clashes with his big-ass red nose, and he doesn’t even realize it. Nose like that, he could snort like me. And those shoes! Don’t get me started.

I’ve seen him before, of course. Different night, same place. He laughs too much. Like he’s in control or something. About time I stomped a lesson into his head.

I’m gunnin’ for you, Orange Hair. Soon as I buck this cowboy off my back.


We’re creating a story for each of the top 10 Halloween costumes this year. Catch up on the previous entries if you want.

Day I – 10.22: Pokemon

Day II – 10.23: The Stalker

Day III – 10.24: Pirate



7 thoughts on “Halloween Flash Fiction – Day IV

  1. Nothing creeps me out more than a clown (Thanks for that, Stephen King).

    Have you heard about the creepy clowns showing up at schools and bus stops across the nation? I work for a school district, and we’ve had these scary $!?&$&@ showing up outside one of our elementary schools and scaring the bejeezus out of 2nd graders. It stands outside the window of a 2nd grade classroom and runs off when anyone tries to confront it. We literally can’t catch it. It’s freaking out the parents a lot. Creepy. So creepy.

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  2. I made a comment here about clowns earlier, and dang if I know what happened to it. Anywho – yes to what Elise said, Target quit selling the costumes. And I think what I said earlier was you COULD have just let that picture do the job – b/c OMG. That is TOO Freaking Scary.

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    1. Some clown running the spam filter musta ate it up. Target stopped selling clown costumes? Well, that outfit won’t make the Top 10 next year I guess.

      Yeah, Elise’s story was creepy. Good thing second-graders don’t go to night school cuz that’s what’d happen in my version… Power outages early in the year caused school to start a month late. To make up the time, kids are staying in school three nights a week. And that’s when Corky shows up at the window. {cue the Jaws music}

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