Halloween Flash Fiction – Day III

The Pirate

Long John limped into the mall. Parrot on his shoulder, peg on his leg and Halloween costume on his hook list.pirate

“Arrr,” the parrot said. “Dump ’em coins out for some booty from the food court.”

Long John shook his head. “Keep talking that way, I’ll throw you back in the car.”

They stumbled toward the Apple store. “Plunder,” the parrot squawked.

“Nope,” Long John said. “Just gonna shop.”


Fed up, Long John pulled the parrot off his shoulder, stuffed him inside a jack-o-lantern. Eventually, he finished his shopping and retrieved his parrot.

Seeing the bag, the parrot muttered, “Apple store? For Halloween?”

Long John nodded. “Scavenged meself the new iPatch.”


Groan! Sorry, but “Pirate” is one of the Top 10 Halloween costumes this year, so don’t blame me! If it’s any consolation, the Long John character was originally played by a doughnut, so you should be grateful how this turned out. Come on back tomorrow for the next installment right up until Halloween. And since I haven’t pre-written all these, feel free to suggest a costumer in the comments.

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