Halloween Flash Fiction – Day VI


He asked me to come and I did.

Full disclosure, I came like a contractor who’s called for a bid. That is, I made him ask me three times. But I came.

On occasion, I’ll even sit if asked politely. Usually when food is involved. Heck, I’ll roll over for food, to be honest.

But this. This!

They slap a foam bun around my sides with fake yellow mustard and expect me to yip with delight? I swear if they even think about shaving my fur, my inner Doberman gets unleashed pronto.hot-dog

Stay, my ass. Put your effin camera away.


*Today’s costume, as you no doubt guessed by now, is the top-seller for dogs. Back to our regularly scheduled human costumes tomorrow. Catch up on the previous Halloween flash fiction entries starting with Day One. Each day features one of the Top 10 costumes for 2016.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Flash Fiction – Day VI

  1. I want the spider one for Little Dog…can you IMAGINE!!! OMG. I’d forget to dole out candy, I’d be so busy filming kids freaking out thinking I had a GIANT spider running down the sidewalk.

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      1. I’m Googling now to see if it’s out there…I still laugh to myself when I think of that dog (think it was a Pug) wearing one and coming out of the elevator. Lordy it was funny…


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