Halloween Flash Fiction: Day VII


My boyfriend leered at me. “Sit,” he said.

Ooooh! I obeyed. I sat. And tingled with anticipation. My new man has a fetish! Does he have a leash and collar?

“Last night was our anniversary,” he barked.

I blink. “Anniv –”

“No talking! One month anniversary! And you canceled our date.”

Uh-oh. He knows. “Baby, lemme explain how –”


Sir, yes, sir! I’ve never played the submissive.

He paced. An interrogating cop. “I was in your bedroom. Saw the mask. The whip. The handcuffs.”bedcuffs

I’m so busted. He knows my ex came over.

“I understand you couldn’t tell me. But don’t worry. Your secret’s safe.”

Ummmm. Safe?

He grinned. “So, you’re a superhero?”

Gasp! “You’ll never meet Mom, but I love you.”



If you like your Halloween costume stories on the darker side, just go back a couple days for the zombie-inspired tale. We’re here with more flash fiction every day till Halloween. Come on back … if you dare.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Flash Fiction: Day VII

    1. You’re getting it.

      She thinks she’s caught with her BDSM equipment sitting out from last night with her ex.
      He thinks she’s a superhero.
      She thinks he’s a knucklehead that she’ll never introduce to Mom, but will work out quite splendidly in the bedroom.
      I think everyone lives happily ever after!

      And, of course, get all that covered in a hundred words.

      Liked by 1 person

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