Halloween Flash Fiction: Day IX

Today’s entry is a special inside joke to my mom. Anyone is welcome to read, but only Mom will truly understand. Also, please note that my mother is neither a witch nor named Melinda Widebottom – those were only story elements. Final spooktacular flash fiction will appear here on Halloween morning. See you then…


Melinda Widebottom adjusted her pointy hat. Checked her cackle. Everything was ready.

Steadied herself on her Broomba. She’d traded in her broom years ago, at first upgrading to a Swiffer, then on to the elite witchery level of a Dyson and now trying out a Broomba for the first time. Everything automatic, right? What’s not to like!broomba

Her sonar spotted three kids on Greeley Avenue taking a break and pulling chocolate from their respective pillowcases. Melinda fired up her Roomba.

It was less than a block later when she first noticed the black smoke. “Nice effect for this evening,” she thought. Two houses later, she started losing altitude. “Damn diet,” she chortled.

On November 1, her mechanic disagreed. “Can’t help your diet,” he said. “But I don’t need to. You’re not chunky. Just stop using diesel.”


Come on back tomorrow for the final installment of Halloween Flash Fiction, featuring the top 10 costumes for 2016. Thanks for ringing the doorbell.


3 thoughts on “Halloween Flash Fiction: Day IX

  1. True…no real idea what this all meant, but I do know about Roomba’s – so to use it with Broomba plus the story of a witch? Perfecto! 😉

    There was discussion one year of getting my mother-in-law a Roomba. Somebody veto’ed the idea. We were all sure she’d go behind it and critique it, telling it what a poor job it was doing. :>/

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    1. Haha! I love that picture of a woman belittling her new Roomba for missing a spot! Classic. I gotta think of a way twist that into some other technology. Like a self-driving car getting stuck in traffic when every body knows the workaround. Oh, you’ve got me thinking!

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      1. Technology fails would be absolutely a win if you can weave it into a story! There’s already the history of people thinking they’ve put someone on hold and answered an incoming call, and they start to run their mouths about the person who’s supposed to be on hold…only…

        OR, the conference call mute button fiasco. Ha! Those are old, but classics by now. Then there’s this new stuff – like you said. Self driving car. Wo/man sitting there, unable to get the self-driving car to use the work around. OR, how about Go Pro cameras? Supposed to film some daredevil stunt, and they film their own death? Brrrr! Now I’m thinking too! Ha!

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