Back-to-School Week Flash Fiction: English

Comma Sutra–Because Punctuation is Sexy

She wiped the tears and waited for her husband.

He entered through the back door, no books in his hand.

She waved the paper that had slipped from his car before he left for night school. “I found your note.”

He froze. Palms moistened. Sweat forming on his brow.comma

She read it aloud. “I have to take care of my wife, a dog and a fat lady.”

Something was wrong, but he didn’t know what. “I wrote that for my English teacher. To leave class early.”

“You’re calling me a dog. And fat.”

He shook his head. Raised her hand to stop her. “No, no, that’s not what I–”

“Because you missed the lesson on the Oxford comma.”

He saw his opening. Smiled. “Riiiight. I knew you’d understand.”

“Oh, I understand the Oxford comma. But you don’t. So I followed you to class to see where you really go on Wednesday nights.”

Busted. “Fucking punctuation,” he said.







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