Back-to-School Week Flash Fiction: Math


algebraThe girl approached Flynn. Kept her gaze down. Raised her hand up.

Flynn accepted the banana peel. “No need for embarrassment. It’s a wonderful example. Please, observe.” Flynn wrapped the peel around a cut on his finger. Rubbed for several seconds. Then, after rinsing with cold water, held out his healed finger. The girl gasped.

“Acne too,” he said as she departed. “Twenty minutes at night.”

An elderly gentleman sauntered in, handed Flynn a cup.


“Coffee grounds.”

“Ah. Do you have grandchildren, sir?”

“I’m blessed. Ten grandchildren.”

Flynn mixed a half-cup of salt and two cups of cornmeal before adding warm water. “Here you are, good sir. Play-doh for your grandkids.”

“A miracle!”

“Not really. It’s what we do here. Discover new uses for old things.”

A bespectacled woman appeared, and Flynn knew his security detail was getting lax. She carried a textbook. Happened in every city his show visited. Security should have stopped her at the door. Wasn’t good for business.

He shook his head. “Please, ma’am,” he said, rejecting the book. “Even I haven’t discovered a use for algebra.”




Welcome back to school, kids. Come back for tomorrow’s lesson in … ENGLISH! Ugh.

2 thoughts on “Back-to-School Week Flash Fiction: Math

  1. John, when you sell that book, algebra will become your new best friend. Well, if you’re like me and ask things like how many copies of this thing do I have to sell to earn back my 6 figure advance? How many to get to 7 figures? See, now algebra is fun:)


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