Back-to-School Week Flash Fiction: Science

SchrodingerPrincipal Newton adjusted his tie and addressed the class. A seasoned administrator, he’d been in this position before. “Your new teacher begins Monday. Grief counselors will be available after school tomorrow. We’ll all miss your teacher, but you students in AP Physics had a special bond with Mr. Schrodinger.”

Albert, ever the instigator, raised a hand. “We just saw Schrodinger walking the hallway.”

“Toward the basketball court? Where Mrs. Schrodinger coaches?”

“Ummmm … yes?” A senior, Albert still wasn’t sure where the basketball court was located.

“Your instructor, God rest his soul, he–how to put this–combined elements with my assistant. Mrs. Schrodinger walked in on the experiment.”

“I understand the gravity of the situation,” Albert said.

Newton shook his head. “I’m relatively sure you don’t. When you saw Mr. Schrodinger walking to the gym? He was alive, and yet … he was a dead man.”


My manuscript is safely tucked in a drawer while the First Lady Of Editing (yes, Progressive, I have my own FLOE) searches for straggling typos.  In the meantime, I’ve put together the curriculum for our Back to School week of flash fiction. After today’s science entry, tomorrow we visit with Algebra. Come back for more schoolin’!

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    1. Thank you, Nick. Setting my ms aside feels like I’ve emerged from the space shuttle after a year and I can start enjoying life again. Okay, okay, a year is an exaggeration, but I write fiction, so I guess exaggerating is in the blood.


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