Grand Theft Murder

The kid explained the controls to his old man – again! “Most important. Never press these two buttons together.”

Frain said, “These two?”


Suddenly, Frain was in Grand Theft Auto.

“I told you it was immersive,” his son said through his headset.

“Yeah, I just never imagined –” A Camaro ran Frain over. He was reborn in three seconds. Scraped the dirt off his arm. “Wow, video games. I can beat death here.”

“I respawned you. Otherwise, you’re dead. Let’s discuss allowance. I’d like to double it.”

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” A gunshot. Frain jumped the bullet. “You see that? I’m awesome in here.”

“Me again, Dad. Hit your ‘X’ button. Let’s talk frequency. Allowance twice a week.”

“Stop distracting me. I have to steal a Lamborghini.”

The son kept his old man alive to finalize details on allowance and create new terms for bedtime. But a new problem arose.

“Sorry about this, Dad.” He guided his old man to steal a jet ski and crash in the ocean. In seconds, a shark was circling. It poked Frain with an evil fin. Cackled. Then swallowed him whole.

“You always said you wanted to swim with a shark. And I couldn’t let you beat my record.”


I believe this is a dream-come-true for my oldest son. He’s going to want to create the movie version of this flash fiction story. Sorry, dude, not in the cars. (That was not a typo; it was a lame attempt at a Grand Theft Auto pun.)


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  1. You cheated! You can’t get killed in a video……oh. Ha, now I see. That was intentional! Entertaining as always Mr. Frain. The dialogue is superb, btw.


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  2. Ooh, be careful, John, that Shark is still swimming *wink*.

    My son loves the Gameknight999 series of books (by Mark Cheverton) where a boy is transported into the Minecraft game. He’d relate to this story =)

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    1. It’s hard to be original, ain’t it? I ran this story by my son. Oh, he was up in arms! “I would not steal a jet ski.” “No way I would crash in the ocean.” “There isn’t a shark in GTA.”

      On and on. “It’s fiction,” I told him.

      “Yeah, I know. Because no way would you come near my record in real life.”

      ‘Nuff said.


    1. Time, Nick. A lack of time. My family kidnapped me and took me on vacation and I’ve been without Internet, so I’ve not been able to visit blogs for more than a week. Ugh! I feel your pain, brother!


    1. No xylophones, but I bet you could blog hop a little and find a fair share of them. I’m finally back in town Sunday, so I can get the Internet and catch up on your story, Natalie. Here I come…


  3. I guess the son decided to take his chances as well. No body. No lawsuit. Frain still dies and he manages to get away with it! I wonder what’ll happen to that agreement about the allowance!

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