Spinning to Death

He learned “walking the dog” first. Not the toughest trick, but he had to master a certain level of difficulty to gain confidence.

It proved a pre-requisite for deciphering a trick called “Cat’s Cradle” where he had to make the yo-yo sleep for an extended period. Once he nailed that, he went in for the kill. Figuratively now – literally later.

“Around the world” was a basic trick if you’d already mastered the tough ones. But Frain’s version had an asterisk beside it. When he sent the yo-yo around the world, it finished with a flourish: He’d “accidentally” kill his wife and free her life insurance funds for his around-the-world travel sans yo-yo.

Never the patient sort, Frain bragged to his wife about his newfound yo-yo skills. He showed off Cat’s Cradle.

“Cute. Can you do around the world?”

Like she knew! He grinned at the serendipity. “Sit here for the perfect view.” Fixed her like the mannequin in his rehearsal. “Watch close,” he said and spun the yo-yo to start the trick. Leaned in for the flourish – but missed his mark. The toy continued its around-the-world flight until it hit him in the back of the neck. And stuck there. The ricin emptied into his body. He slumped and fell.

“Oh, that was close, honey,” his wife said. “Just takes a little time. You’ll get it.”

He got it. And it didn’t take much time.



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  1. This poor slob, Frain. Thinks for once he can be the killer. So sad. So funny. So will there finally be a funeral once a Zebra, Zoologist, or Zero tolerance policy kills you one last time?


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