Clue to a Murder

“Mr. Mustard?”

“Colonel, please.”

“Of course.” Detective Boddy stepped into the conservatory. “You say the wrench was in this room because you were fixing something?”

“Indeed, sir. A lead pipe.”


“I was. Some individual had stuffed a rope inside the pipe. To hide it, no doubt. Miss Scarlet, I suspect.”

“Nope. She was in the kitchen cleaning a candlestick,” Boddy said. “Your fingerprints are what bother me.”

“I haven’t a clue why. I held the wrench as I worked.”

“That’s what bothers me, Colonel. Your fingerprints aren’t on the wrench. Why wear gloves?”

Mustard huffed. “Busted. It was me with the wrench. But you still lose. I didn’t do it in the conservatory. Dragged Frain over here from the ballroom. Just to throw you off.”

“Damn,” Boddy said. “So close. Should we kill Frain again?”

“Tomorrow night, maybe. I think my bed is calling.”


I’ve had a few requests for a Clue game murder, and W was my last chance for a weapon. Unless they’ve remodeled the game like they did Monopoly and there’s a killer xylophone in the box now. But I don’t think so.

Thanks for stopping by! Only the X-Y-Z killer triangle remains.

16 thoughts on “Wrench

  1. Took me a moment to understand what you were referring to by “Clue game murder” – I thought you meant a death with a clue in it – because it’s called “Cluedo” here.

    We don’t have the board game yet but have the card game version. The Barbarians are getting old enough I think they could tolerate the longer time the board game takes. The card version is a fave for the family.


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