Tears of a Clown

Parade day. Making balloon animals. Still getting used to my solo act.

“Your teardrop frightens the children.” Recognized the voice. She shouldn’t be here. She’d gotten Nora Roberts, I kept Elmore Leonard. Her, Bangles; Me, Springsteen. She’d chosen carnivals. Left me parades.

“You belong another ninety feet away.” My helium-infused voice wasn’t persuasive.

She sidled up. “It shouldn’t end this way.”

“It doesn’t,” I said, making a balloon centipede. “Goes another six blocks.” Honked my nose.

“You know what I – never mind. It does end now.” She raised her umbrella. One with the needle in the tip. Stabbed me. Cyanide, I think.

The crowd cheered my acting when I collapsed. Except I wasn’t acting. And I never got up.



21 thoughts on “Umbrella

      1. I think I stole that one from Shakespeare? Or maybe some old metal song? It’s an old favorite turn of phrase. I do use it in my fantasy series, but you write murder so borrow away. I did.


  1. so sad and weird at the same time… technically, you’re saying the weapon is not an umbrella so I will not think unkindly of umbrellas…

    have a lovely day.


    1. I like the way you think. Technically, I suppose you could look at it that way. “Technically, Your Honor, I didn’t kill the victim. Nor did my gun. It was that bullet someone lodged in the chamber.” That could work, yes. Umbrellas are your friend!


    1. It wasn’t expected for me! She used to bring an umbrella to every parade. It was our running joke. She’d sing “don’t rain on my parade…” and wave her umbrella around. The kids loved it. Yes, the poisonous tip was a new twist.


  2. Is it just me or do the murders seem more and more premeditated as the end nears! And here I was thinking that no umbrella could be more lethal as a weapon than Hagrid’s umbrella! Guess I was wrong about that! 😂


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