Scrambled with a Side of Murder

“Scrambled eggs and bacon,” Frain ordered. “Add two sausage patties and an EMT on the side.” Laughter at his own joke.

Flo held her hand out for the sheet metal menu the diner was famous for. Frain handed it over, slicing his finger. on the corner.

Blood spilled. “You should fix that. Could kill a guy.”

“Don’t get my hopes up.” Flo walked away.

Alice met her behind the counter. “Your boyfriend’s back.”

“Frain? Hardly. I’d kill him if his diet wasn’t going to do it for me.”

“No. Pinstripe.”

Flo glanced over her shoulder. Tall, Dark and Available wore a pinstripe oxford and sat at Table 2, his back to Frain’s booth.

Alice said, “He’s at my table.”

“Not if I get there first.” The two waitresses bolted. The sheet metal menu flew from Flo’s grip. Direct hit into Frain’s carotid.

The EMT showed up at his side. Too late. Flo wrapped the eggs, bacon and sausage. “Frain’s order. He won’t be needing it anymore.”

        *        *        *

Why was M so hard? I’ll never understand. Shout-out to a certain reef dweller for the suggestion of Menu, although I didn’t do it justice here. I’ll try to get back into form for the second half that kicks off with N on Monday. Meantime, enjoy Easter with someone you don’t want to murder.

15 thoughts on “Menu

  1. Menu is creative. Mallet? Or mallard? Ducks make wonderful murder weapons. Still, glorious death. Well, tomorrow you won’t be the only guy to rise from the dead. Until Monday<– oh now there's a killer. Monday.


  2. It was an accident, Your Honor! Not murder at all. I love that for the letter M you actually avoided murder. (Or else you’re getting soft on Frain? Nah.)


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