Frain Sings the Blues

“It’s my instrument of death,” Crash screamed from stage. “And it’ll cause your wrath,” he finished, unable to find a suitable rhyme for his dark song.

Backstage, disturbed by the crowd leaving instead of begging for an encore, Crash went on a rage when I asked about his songwriting skills.

“Meth would work,” I suggested.G

“Yaaasss,” Crash screamed. “Gimme some now.”

“No, no, I don’t have any meth. I meant it’s a good rhyme for death.”

His angry eyes grew three sizes. He hoisted his Fender. Twirled it above his head like a cowboy with a lasso. Flung it at me like I was a calf.

His G-string snapped. And then my neck.

    *       *       *

Not exactly Roberta Flack killing me softly with her song, but thank goodness the weekend finally showed up. I’m gonna need Sunday to recuperate. This daily dying gets a little exhausting. See y’all back here Monday morning when I get in trouble again.

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    1. We revere Bob Gibson in this household. No way we break a Gibson guitar or Gibson anything else. Too valuable. As opposed to, say, my life! So what am I talking about, right? Sheesh, I long for the day I start making sense.

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  1. YAY! This post finally made it to your blog. I was hyperventilating without the story of your death today.

    How will I make it thru Sunday without your death? Hmmmmmm. Maybe I’ll have to orchestrate it myself =)

    PS – not sure first person POV of a murder victim works, especially at the end. But I understand. After six deaths you’re due for some recuperation.

    H is for ham, horse, hooters, hockey puck, helmet, hippo?

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    1. I’ve read a few books written in first person by the person who died. The Lovely Bones (No, I’m absolutely NOT comparing anything I’ve written to Lovely Bones) is a good example. But I see what you’re saying there. I wonder if I have any more in the queue that way? I was playing around with M today and it was me telling the story post-death, so I may have that problem again. But the story wasn’t coming together anyway. I’m having a devil of a time with M, which seems weird.

      Anyway, thanks for the check in, but try not to enjoy my demise so much!! I tried hockey puck for H, couldn’t get it to come out right, so you had a good guess there. It was my original H plan.


    1. Eww, gout would be a lousy way to go. But I don’t know if anyone could murder you with gout. Maybe some weird mad scientist could figure it out. Never fall into a debt you cannot repay to a mad scientist. My best advice for the weekend.

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    1. Yes, no coincidence that it was Crash’s G-string. Makes the death even worse if you ask me. Oh, won’t you asking me? I always think somebody’s asking me for my opinion!


  2. I’ve had the same problem with my G- strings although I’ve never killed anyone cos my knicker elastic broke. Must be something to do with being a rock star…

    Great idea for A to Z. Like it a lot.


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