Ice Sculpture

Deadly Vows Snub Nose missed his only shot at Frain outside the rehearsal dinner on Thursday. Missed a second chance pre-ceremony, Saturday in the park. Wanted to fire his thirty-eight in church when the minister asked if anyone objected to the marriage, but his fear of collateral damage – shooting the minister – stopped him from […]

Hot Air Balloon

Murder With a Bad Altitude My wife walked four paces behind me, a pink Colt revolver in her hand. I mocked her. “Shoot me with your pinkie, and I might need a couple stitches to close the flesh wound.” “It’s a thirty-eight. One shot into your cerebellum, they won’t bother with stitches.” Suddenly she’s a […]


Frain Sings the Blues “It’s my instrument of death,” Crash screamed from stage. “And it’ll cause your wrath,” he finished, unable to find a suitable rhyme for his dark song. Backstage, disturbed by the crowd leaving instead of begging for an encore, Crash went on a rage when I asked about his songwriting skills. “Meth […]