Ethylene Glycol

Drink for Justice Reading time: 1 minute Way I figure it, Frain made his choice three years ago. People collect things. Frain collected license plates. From the cars we stole. One morning, this is three winters ago, it’s five degrees outside. We’re coming home from 7-11 on account of Frain’s needing to address his Mountain […]


Murder Through the Molar Reading time: 1 minute The office is closed. I don’t work Sundays, but I have one patient. A Mr. Frain. He’s behind in his payments for a root canal. Also, he caught me fondling a patient. Him, when the local wore off early. He threatened to expose me like an x-ray. […]


Orchestrating a Murder Reading time; 1 minute Four cellos and two violas swayed in, and my anxiety soared knowing my moment was near. But his time on earth, this Frain, this unpalatable percussionist – his time was dwindling. Like Tchaikovsky before me, I would send this solder boy to his deserved death. I stealthily moved […]

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner Death by Defenestration Reading time: 1 minute My old man had an expression. Used to say you could set your watch to it. Don’t nobody wear them watches no more, but you know. Guy down the hall. 3E. Frain’s his name. Welching on bets his game. Owes me two large from Saturday. Claims Florida […]