A to Z Challenge: M

Mystery Shopper


From auto parts stores to the local zoo, I’d diligently worked every assignment imaginable. Until Mthe day I showed up at Blue Heron Park thirty minutes before a hit man so I could evaluate his skills.

After a while a woman walked right up to where I was sitting and said, “You the guy I’m supposed to meet?”

This was a conundrum – Finally made sense why they called me a Mystery Shopper. Then I saw the sight of the rifle coming in from behind a tree branch and knew it was a setup. I never even had time to deduct points against him in the camouflage category.


Six-sentence Stories: The Mini-Series, coming to you all month long in April. Inspired by Hemingway who crafted the original six-word story. And brought to you by Maxwell House, good to the last drop. And by Michelin, because so much is riding on your tires. And by Mountain Dew — quite literally in this case because there’s one sitting next to me and it’s well on the other side of midnight and I need a six-sentence story TODAY!

Thanks for swinging by. Drop in tomorrow before the much-needed day of rest Sunday!

9 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: M

  1. This made me chuckle and think of about a hundred more scenarios for a mystery shopper evaluating Hit Men. All of them end about like this. Unless the Hit Man sucks at his job. Do you think there’s a full benefits plan for hit men?

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  2. Oh, I love this one. I’ve missed about a week of your six sentence stories but this one is a gem.

    If you have a moment, take a look at my blog. Tomorrow is my painting signing. I guess it’s like a book signing. Not the usual gallery inauguration for a gallery.

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    1. That’s 42 sentences, same number Jackie Robinson wore on his back for Brooklyn, who eventually moved across country to Los Angeles, where Vin Scully is broadcasting his final and 67th season for the Dodgers, which is the retirement age for most baby boomers in America, who were born in the post-WWII generation, a war the United States officially entered in ’42, the number of sentences written for this challenge over the past week.

      Don’t you love how free association can lead you into a big circle?

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    1. Excellent point! If you’re a bottom-line kinda guy like Henry Fonda in “On Golden Pond” then this hit man scored better than any mystery shopper woulda given him credit for.


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