Not Your Typical Angel Halloween Costume story

Halloween Flash Fiction–The Angel

Lady Flatulence loved a good bean casserole. ‘Twas often an unrequited love.

Tonight, she glided down the gilded staircase, ensconced in her Halloween costume. Dressed, unlikely, as an angel. The outfit begged onlookers to take up the practice of suspended disbelief.angel

Lord Odiferous stood. Turned to their guests. “She blew me away at dinner.” Then, sotto voce, “as always.” And back to the audience. “Now, she blows me away at dessert.”

“I shan’t go trick-or-treating this night,” Lady Flatulence said. “The casserole wants to come with me.”

“But m’lady,” Lord Odiferous rebutted, “you’re the fairest angel of them all.”

She blushed. “Oh, dear, you’re too kind. I feel the wind beneath my wings.”

“Evacuate!” the Lord announced to the gathering throng. “But not you, m’lady. Please.”

  *   *   *   *   *

Apologies. It’s a bit windy here a couple days before Halloween, and it inspired me in all the wrong ways. Believe it or not, I have to fill my car with gas now, so the situation could worsen before it gets better.







6 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Angel Halloween Costume story

  1. Dunno about you but I think I’d rather be Lady Flatulence than Lord Odiferous.

    Those names!

    Happy windy Halloween. Hopefully NOT of the breaking wind variety………………


  2. I knew you were getting out of control. Honestly. Wind and Halloween, and you got this?

    Good thing I stopped by to stifle this stinky pile of funnsies.


    Fun Sucker


    P.S. I was totally L’ingOL … I admit.


    1. If only you came by early enough to stop me from hitting SEND! Or PUBLISH, whatever it is we hit around here. I’m not gonna hit the beans, that’s all I know! Back to your regularly scheduled casserole, please. Two days to prepare for Nano, so it’s a good thing I got this … um, outta my system. Okay, stop me now!


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