Cry all the way to the Bank

The Bank Teller

The turnover rate was high. The head teller training Marcy had yet to celebrate her one-year anniversary.

That was the basis of Marcy’s explanation to the police afterward.

Third day on the job. She watched the man in costume enter the bank. Delighted her. Calmed her nerves, really. “Can I help you?”

“I bet you can.”

She smiled. “Baseball player, right? The Halloween costume?”

“Actually, bank robber.”bank robber

She giggled. “But you’re wearing a ball cap. And you don’t have a–”

He pulled a Ruger .38 from his waist.

“Oh!” She clasped her hands together in delight. “It almost looks real. Can I see?”

“What? No,” he snarled. Tossed a canvas bag on the counter. “Fill that up.”

“I’m new sir, but even I know we have a policy of one candy per customer.” She glanced over his shoulder, then whispered. “One trick is to leave and then visit the drive-thru.”

He glared at her. “Do you know who I am?”

She looked closely under the brim of his hat. Nervous now. “No, sir.”

“Good,” he said. “I’ll come back tomorrow to rob a different teller.” He rushed out, removing his hat for the cameras in the parking lot.






12 thoughts on “Cry all the way to the Bank

    1. End of the month in this part of the world. Do y’all in Oz have a comparable holiday? I should look up the origins of how it became to be what it is. Who would think, if you sit down for a game of Sim City, that you’d create a holiday where kids dress up in spooky costumes, walk around the neighborhood and tell jokes, and people give them candy for it? Whaaaaaaaaattt???


      1. Nothing comparable in Oz (although the shops are now pushing Halloween on us, but most don’t participate because it’s not a thing here). Of course, in Oz you’d collect lollies not candy and the fact we are over half way through spring and daylight savings has started means you’d be trick or treating at dusk, which I’m sure would spoil the effect (just checked, nightfall for 31 Oct is 7.45pm in my neck of the woods).

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    1. Ooh, I like that expression, Diane. Kinda like … not dumb at all, but super sly to the point where people think you’re dumb because you’ve fooled them into thinking so. Columbo was dumb like a fox often, eh!


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