Back-to-School Flash Fiction: Detention

I show up for Saturday detention without even I’m assigned. I’m not saying you can set your calendar to it, but if it’s Saturday, I’m in detention. Meet some interesting people.

A recent Saturday, I show up as usual. Take a quick look at the day’s roll call and know this will be the best detention ever. I could make a movie of it.

Alphabetically, we have the Athlete, the Basketcase, the Brain, the Criminal and the Princess. And me–the class clown.

We get along famously, regretfully parting at the end. We agree to meet Sunday, but I’mdetention the only one to show up at Waffle House. Wasn’t like I went inside and camped at a table waiting. Sat in my car in the Holiday Inn parking lot ‘cross the street. Thought I saw Molly’s car drive by twice, but maybe not.

At school, they ignore me. Like we never had this thing one Saturday. Almost like I’m the forgotten member of the group. It’s a shame. I even had a name picked out for us–The Breakfast Club.

Guess nobody will ever hear of it now.




Hey, thanks for hanging with me through Back-to-School month–nobody can milk a theme like me, uh? Time to move on, hit up some Halloween flash fiction soon.

Also, in case you’re scoring at home, I’ve got short stories submitted to three magazines currently. “A Seller’s Market” is with Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. “Framed” is in┬áthe submission cycle at Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. And “No Taste for Revenge” is in front of the editors at Fireside Magazine. All are tremendous longshots akin to USA hockey winning a gold medal. But hey, 1980! I’ll let you know. This publishing thing is a long game, though, so keep your shoes tied.