Scrambled with a Side of Murder “Scrambled eggs and bacon,” Frain ordered. “Add two sausage patties and an EMT on the side.” Laughter at his own joke. Flo held her hand out for the sheet metal menu the diner was famous for. Frain handed it over, slicing his finger. on the corner. Blood spilled. “You […]

Ice Sculpture

Deadly Vows Snub Nose missed his only shot at Frain outside the rehearsal dinner on Thursday. Missed a second chance pre-ceremony, Saturday in the park. Wanted to fire his thirty-eight in church when the minister asked if anyone objected to the marriage, but his fear of collateral damage – shooting the minister – stopped him from […]

Hot Air Balloon

Murder With a Bad Altitude My wife walked four paces behind me, a pink Colt revolver in her hand. I mocked her. “Shoot me with your pinkie, and I might need a couple stitches to close the flesh wound.” “It’s a thirty-eight. One shot into your cerebellum, they won’t bother with stitches.” Suddenly she’s a […]


Frain Sings the Blues “It’s my instrument of death,” Crash screamed from stage. “And it’ll cause your wrath,” he finished, unable to find a suitable rhyme for his dark song. Backstage, disturbed by the crowd leaving instead of begging for an encore, Crash went on a rage when I asked about his songwriting skills. “Meth […]