The Unworried Widow

Halloween Flash Fiction returns–Yay!

The Unworried Widow

I don’t get around so well since the fall, me being alone now for the past few months since Robert left us, God rest his soul.

Friday arrived like any other until I settled in for lunch and watched Will Peterson nextrocker door prepare to kill his wife. Mabel is out playing bridge, and Will just come up the drive with a power saw.

The man’s never done a lick of work on the house. Probably thinks DIY means Don’t Injure Yourself. Reminds me of George, my second husband. I don’t count Fred’s three-week stint, nobody remembers him. George used to break things all over the house. I fixed him, of course.

Will is a decent man. Kind, like my fifth, Robert. But Will isn’t as boring as Robert was. Oh my, I’m not sure Robert even had a pulse before I snuffed it out entirely.

I should probably call the police. I must confess, though, I’ve had my eye on Will long before he came home with the fifty-gallon drum the other night. I never cared much for Mabel anyway.

I’m thinking about making Will number six. But I’ll wait till he finishes his business. I understand it’s against the law to marry a married man.


17 thoughts on “The Unworried Widow

      1. My ex is on wife #4 so I suppose I was lucky to get gone when I did. But so far none of his wives have died. All his mother’s husbands died – she never divorced a one so that’s… gonna leave that one alone.


    1. Funny you should mention that, Kathy. This one was more than twice as long on first draft and I knew I had to bring it way way down for the blog. Way way down in word count, that is; not saying I had to dumb it down, which I didn’t. In fact, as you well know I’m sure, when you edit you generally bring word count down and intelligence up. You edit out all the obvious stuff. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ehrmahgurrrr, and the PIC you chose for this post! *Dying*

    I do adore your stories. Demented is good, and you make me want to wreak some flashfic on the world, John. On your head be it.

    You and Elise both have me thinking of Bluebeard. Always been a favorite, that – and this might make a good line for it: “Questioning is always a good thing. Just make sure you’re ready for the answers!”


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