Murder in Size 6

Frain lay on the ground in a pool of his own blood. A six-inch heel, showing only five-and-a-half inches, jutted out from his right eye.

One witness to the murder.

“I only heard it,” the woman said. “Never saw anything.”

Detective Crowley said, “What did you hear?”

“Mrs. Frain’s threat. I remember her exact words.”

“Uh huh. Why don’t you tell me. Exactly.”

“She said, ‘One of these days these shoes are gonna walk all over you.’ You know, like -”

“The song. Yeah, I get it.”

“Only not boots …” She felt Crowley’s eyes burn into her and cut herself off. The woman started to hum. Then sung a little under her breath. “And one a these days…”

Sergeant Margo Flynn thought that day had arrived. She’d arrived on the scene with the well-heeled Mrs. Frain in cuffs. One high-heeled shoe missing. “Found this lady limping in the lobby.”

Detective Crowley eyed Mrs. Frain’s feet. “Well, the devil does wear Prada. Book her, Margo. Murder One.”

there are a few places in this world with no wifi, and I’m in one. So I’m trying to post this on the side of the road typing with one hand and hanging on with the other. It’s gonna be the death of me!

24 thoughts on “Shoe

  1. Why oh why does your wife murder you so often? She must have been truly furious to have ruined a Prada shoe just to kill you yet again.

    You know, if you ever do get truly murdered, suspect number one will be… awkward that.

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  2. you must have make your wife very angry to murder you in this fashion & you’re not even alive to tell this story…

    have a lovely day.


  3. My thought is your wife wasn’t as mad at you as she could have been. She left a full 5-1/2 inches remaining. If she was REALLY mad at you, I’d think only about 2 inches would still be visible.

    And you’re on a vacation? With the woman who’s killed you at least a few times in the past weeks? Do you have a death wish?

    Uh, nevermind…………


  4. Dena, I had a similar thought, only mine was – with just 1/2 inch in the eye, wouldn’t that leave him blind on one side but alive (and really pissed off)? I think you’d need to go at least a couple of inches in to really damage the brain. And then just the frontal lobe, which would also leave him alive but half blind and pissed off and with poor impulse control to boot!

    Sorry. Shutting off my inner neurologist now.

    Kudos to you, Frain, for maintaining your A to Z schedule despite everything!


      1. Alive, half blind, pissed off, and brain damaged – yeah, so touching!

        Enjoy your day off from death. See you for another week of murder starting Monday!


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